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kayla. 17. aus.
one time i read asoiaf and i died.

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I want the story to end with a dead knight, a broken sword, a princess wreathed in flames and a dragon forged to her will.


Tyler Hoechlin on Wolf Watch

[“Just being on cliffs. Even if I’m on the inside of the mountain I still feel like, ‘what if I just wheel the car off the thing?’”] It’s the fear of jumping, isn’t it? It’s not the fear of the height, it’s the fear of jumping. I have exactly the same thing. I’m that close I could just jump. It’s the same next to train tracks and things. It’s like when you’re on stage in the middle of a play, and it’s a children’s play, and sometimes your head just goes, “I could just say FUCK right now really loudly.” It’s the same thing. I find it very interesting. It’s your brain playing little tricks with you. [“See? You’ve got a nice smile but there’s a black heart beating in your chest, Kit Harington.”] (x)


@kevinzegers1984: Ice bucket challenge. Thanks to @jeffkkim for nominating me. Your turn @lilyjcollins @tomarnold @jimsturgess [x] [x]

Well we did die and come back to life. It’s got to have some side effects, right?
I’M S O M E T H I N G.

let no man bring me harm; i bear the marks of the maker.

kayla. 17. aus.
one time i read asoiaf and i died.
pre-asoiaf, the martells and team dragonstone are the only things that matter.
not over allison argent and oberyn martell's death tbh.
i really love hoechlin. like a lot. he's such a dork.
elia martell is my boo. this is mainly teen wolf and asoiaf.
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